Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Native American Three Sisters Garden

Here's a project that will appeal to kids (or the kid in you): a Three Sisters Garden!

I've read about this for some time, but this year I've got myself a packet of these seeds and this weekend I'm going to plant my own Three Sisters Garden. From the seed pack,
According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans and squash/pumpkins are inseparable sisters, precious gifts from the Great Spirit. The tradition of interplanting them in the same mounds is actually a sophisticated, sustainable system providing long-term soil fertility and healthy harvests.
Earth-Tones Indian Dent Corn provides natural poles for bean vines to climb and the beautiful dried ears make tasty cornmeal and/or decorations.
Rattlesnake Bean Vines support the corn stalks and fix nitrogen on their roots to improve soil fertility. Blossoms attract pollinators and high-protein dried beans are great for chili.
Shallow-rooted Sugar Pie Pumpkin Vines make a living mulch, shading out weeds and preventing moisture loss. Use Sugar Pie Pumpkins for tasty pies and holiday celebrations.
All three of these seeds can be planted now. Renee's Garden has put together the seeds in a special pack, but you don't have to use her seeds. You will want to take advantage of the detailed instructions on her website, however, and browse around a bit ... there are some great annual seeds that will also grow if planted now ... just sayin...

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