Saturday, May 16, 2009

William Land Park and the WPA Rock Garden

One of my favorite places at the beautiful William Land Park is the WPA Rock Garden. The WPA (Works Project Administration) was a depression-era program to put people to work, and many of the projects were and are some of the most beloved places in the U.S. Timberline Lodge in Oregon's Mt. Hood is a great example. In Sacramento, we have our sweet rock garden. A recent article in the Sacramento Bee highlights the garden as part of that WPA era.
Daisy Mah, who tends the flower beds in Land Park's WPA Rock Garden, said the granite blocks used by the crews that built the garden have held up well."They used sturdy materials that will be here long after we're gone, and the designs they used were pleasing. It will be pleasing forever, really," Mah said.
The paths meander thru the rock lined for all ages...

with beautiful vistas, and places to sit...and places to get lost in...

...and friendly critters to show you around!

Read more about this great park and its many and varied activities for all members of the family in my write-up at


Gorgeous and Green said...

looks like a peaceful place :) where is it?

Gorgeous & Green

Geno's Garden said...

It's in Sacramento. Check the link at the bottom to my write up on Kid Friendly Travel...there's a map and more info. The rock garden is like a little botanical paradise.