Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gardening Should Be Simple, EarthBox Makes it So!

hiding in the eggplantGardening should be simple...you take a seed, stick it in the ground, water it...it grows and you get a flower or a vegetable or a fruit and you pick it! But, there are a lot of things that can make it complicated...what about weeds? what about bugs? what about the computer game you're playing and you're about to reach the 14th level...not a good time for pulling weeds! what about days so hot that all the leaves crinkle up? what about your cat using the garden as a toilet?

watering the cornWell...I've just discovered a cool thing that let's you have the fun of growing things without all those extra worries and work. First things first...let's have some fun! My discovery is something called the EarthBox. The EarthBox is a great garden project for kids in a classroom or kids who are homeschooled.
kids from Nicaragua with their new EarthBoxesThere are lots of science projects you can do, and even projects that help you connect up with gardening kids from around the world. Check out The Growing Connection, and find out more.

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